£30,000 of savings passed on to your loved ones!

Thank you so much for taking part in the trial of the Live Calls feature. We've been absolutely amazed by how popular it has been and are happy that people are finding it useful. Most importantly, people in prison have saved £30,000 in phone credit by using Live Calls!

We're happy to announce that we are moving out of the trial phase and Live Calls is now a fully fledged part of the service alongside Voicemail.

We started developing Live Calls early last year and launched it in August 2017 after an initial pilot with prisons in London and the Thames Valley. Since then we have given away for free a huge 300,000 minutes. Due to this amazing usage we now need to make some changes to ensure our service remains sustainable and allows us to cover our costs.

What does this mean for me?

In the coming days we will start turning on Live Call minutes usage for everyone. This means the length of Live Calls will be deducted from your minutes balance. We will continue to ensure that Live Calls are the most affordable way to save your loved one's phone credit. To do this we are introducing Live Calls minutes bundles at cheaper rates than the old voicemail minutes bundles.

Does this mean prisoner calls are now free?

Unfortunately not. The prisoner will still pay the standard landline rate of 8p per minute to call the voicemail service. All of this money goes to the prison phone company. This is the cheapest rate the HM Prison Service will allow in prisons.

The benefit of using Live Calls is that you are saving the prisoner at least 10p per minute from their phone credit. Calling your mobile directly would cost them at least 18p per minute. Calling you through Live Calls costs them just 8p per minute.

How do the new types of minutes work?

You currently have:

  • - Universal subscription minutes
  • - Universal topup minutes (one-off purchases)

These can be used for Voicemails or for Live Calls.

We have introduced:

  • - Live Call add-on minutes (added to your monthly package)
  • - Live Call topup minutes (one-off purchases)

These can only be used for Live Calls.

We have introduced Live Call 'Add-ons' that you can add to your subscription each month.

For example, on the bronze plan, £1 extra per month you get 20 minutes of Live Calls on top of your 25 universal minutes (nearly double your minutes for just £1 extra).

More Add-ons are available for each plan; to choose an Add-on, log into your account and select 'Change Plan'. You can also send us an email or give us a call.

I use a lot of minutes each month. What package should I choose?

We are a social venture with a mission to improve communication between families and their loved ones in prison, so we’ve spent a lot of time working out how to make this as affordable and useful as possible. Use this handy tool to work out how to get the best deal:

Please note, this calculator attempts to determine the smallest cost for one month. For successive months of usage, it is beneficial to purchase larger topup bundles rather than multiple smaller ones.

Live Calls remains the only HMPPS approved way of reducing call costs for prisoners inside.

Thank you again for your incredible support.

Prison Voicemail

Got questions? Email us at support@prisonvoicemail.com.

* Note, prisoners still pay the normal landline rate of 8p a minute for Live Calls (charged by the phone company, not us). *

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